Nature’s Corbels

Well, two of them anyway:

A charming color-coordinated mud-nest made by a family of house martins or swifts or something.

Some kind of purple bracket fungus. Quite possibly you could eat this. (Please note: I’m not saying you wouldn’t suffer any ill effects; I’m just saying you could eat it.)

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2 Responses to “Nature’s Corbels”

  1. Grandma Flea Says:

    Love that bracket fungus :o)

    And the beautiful nest – bird’s nests are works of art – heaven only knows how they manage to create them without opposable thumbs – or indeed – any thumbs at all!

    • misterfricative Says:

      I think they use their beaks. But yeah, that’s better than I could do even with opposable thumbs.

      As for the fungus, I’m not 100% sure it’s really a bracket fungus. It was an impressive shade of purple though, and altogether pretty nice :) Glad you like it!

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