Election Logic

Vote for me or the puppy gets it

From The Independent

Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay, the [Lib Dem] party’s Treasury spokesman, said:

“The numbers show that half the country cannot stand Gordon Brown and that the other half can’t stand David Cameron. […]

[…] In 90 minutes in the first debate, Nick Clegg tore open the two-party straitjacket which has stifled British politics for the last 80 years. Now, at last, people can vote for what they want, not against what they fear.”

Wait, what? Didn’t you just point out that voters were turning to the Lib Dems because every single one of them hates either Brown or Cameron? Which would mean that voting against what they hate/fear would be precisely what they’d be doing if they voted for Clegg’s lot. At least, this was the conclusion toward which your argument was inexorably heading until that last minute swerve, when you belatedly realized that ‘The Party That Fewer People Hate (Because They Don’t Know Who We Are)’ probably isn’t a very good slogan.

Oh well, never mind. It’s not as though it makes any fucking difference anyway.

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6 Responses to “Election Logic”

  1. Grandma Flea Says:

    Aaaah! Politics! The same the world over.

    • misterfricative Says:

      Yes indeedy. Bogus choices with tribal voters and swing voters all dancing to an artificial tune produced by a manufactured narrative.

      As the man said: don’t vote, it only encourages them.

  2. Johnny Two Trousers Says:

    Brian Clough told me I must vote Labour. What should I do?

    • misterfricative Says:

      I understand your dilemma. Brian Clough is the man.

      But the important question is this: is Brian Clough still alive? If he is, then I think you can safely ignore him. However, if he’s speaking to you from beyond the grave, then he probably knows all kinds of stuff that we don’t, and you might be well advised to do as he says.

      • Johnny Two Trousers Says:

        The alternative is that I invent a deceased vote which is visible beyond the grave but doesn’t play into the hands of “The Man” down here. Hmm – that’s set me thinkin’ some.

  3. Johnny Two Trousers Says:

    p.s. The reply to nannyflee was almost a verse from a track “War Dance” on XTC’s Nonsuch, or indeed many of the tracks therein. (Provided of course that such spurious metrics as letter sequence, scansion are discounted).

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